Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The 2nd Annual Beach Party In The Sky- June 18th Humboldt Underground Music Festival

Ah.... Doctor Don (aka Mike Tern, aka Donny Hart)... He is a scholar, a poet, a visionary, a dreamer, an organizer and is one that hobnobs with the elite medical society of our soggy little corner of the world... oh can I throw in that he is a one of the only professional painters I know in the area?

Donny is the the brainchild of what came about last year with the 1st Annual Beach Party In the Sky. It was mostly late night post gig discussions and dreaming at first but then came the call to arms.... bring ye kindling; bring ye bands; march forward towards the sea all you hot dogs and seasoned veggies; spark up the generators!!!!! When it was all said and done there were court dates, DUI paranoia, sirens in the distance attending to local house fires (really thought it was part of the Hard Ride's set) but none of that could squash the fun and spontaneous charm of what Doctor Don put together (as a side note... organize rides or camping at the spot [the cops will do anything to make that monthly cash quota- right Joel?].... I am a sober driver if you know who I am and will give me a vehicle to drive...gas ain't cheap)

The bands? they were great (of course).... mostly local underground soldiers of the likes of Chamber Fables 54, The Tweeners, Jeeze Louise & The Lost Loves, The Hard Ride, etc, etc... but there is something surreal that can only be offered in this area that is hard to put your finger on... it doesn't come from the oyster festival (that helps filter all the squares out of the mix) but it does come from some seed planted from watching all those baby boomer film clips that made me and countless others dream of going to Southern California only to get there and realize that the California Dream was over!!! Those famous shots of people really enjoying themselves next to the crashing waves of the grand Pacific while the sounds of the hippest of hip music casually mingled with the celebratory smoke of bon fires of people that had finally made it to the far left and can go no further... nothing left to do but sit down, tune in, maybe drop out, but at the very least rest and enjoy the fresh air.... well as many found that scene didn't exist in a post JFK/Great Society world down in L.A. BUT!!!! in this day in age where there are a lot of dreamers (Thanks a lot Mr. Lennon!) it takes more than just dreaming to see the thing through. Doctor Don has taken that step forward.... so come on out!!!!

The Line up at this years event is (like all of the best events) is ever changing so goto the link below to check updates (its a facebook linky) but groups that you can expect are of the likes of White Manna, Manilapede, Mister Moonbeam, Barbara Manning, The Tweeners, The King Salmon Duo, VDS, The Monster Women, and many many many more.... but Headlining are of course are the undisputed heavy weight champions of this small world of welter weight demi gods- Donny, Christine, Mary & Stretch aka CHAMBER FABLES 54!!!

included with this preview blurb is a double dip download comp of several groups that will be there this year (not a complete list but a small taster) that will be available for to the first 100 to download... there might be some discs floating around at the beach but given the number of space cakes that will be available this might be a better place to get this if you want it... also make sure to check Don's Facebook page (link below as well)... if you need to get in contact for rides, info, add ideas and such.....

Summer is Finally Here!!!!! Well good because we all needed some sunlight!!

2nd Annual Beach Part In The Sky Compilation (abridged version)
1. The Bee Outside (Chamber Fables 54)
2. Princess D (Chamber Fables 54)
3. Space Eternal (Chamber Fables 54)
4. More Dogs Than People (Manilapede)
5. Sweet Pea (The Tweeners)
6. Waiting For Jesse (The Tweeners)
7. Welcome To Eureka (The Tweeners)
8. 3rd Song (Mister Moonbeam)
9. 4th Song (Mister Moonbeam)
10. 6th Song (Mister Moonbeam)
11. Black Bayou (The King Salmon Duo)
12. Dark Forest (The King Salmon Duo)
13. Hagbard Celine's Submarine (The King Salmon Duo)
14. Fruit & Icebergs (The King Salmon Duo)
Artwork- Jesse Wiedel
Download Sampler:

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